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Jewel Bearings
Product Information :


For good mechanical properties and hardness( Mohs 9), sapphire and ruby are often used for the bearing of many meters, clocks, parts of abrasion-resistance. V-shape and U-shape bearing are widely used in flowmeters, ammeters, water meters.
Outside Diameter: ?0.80~?10.00mm, max deviation of outside diameter: h7~h9
Height H: 0.60 ~ 5.00mm, max deviation of height: ±0.01
Cup depth h: 0.20 ~ 0.80mm, max deviation of cup depth: 0 ~ 0.06
Curvature radius SR: 0.60 ~ 5.00mm, max deviation of curvature radius: ±0.03
Taper: 60°~ 120°max deviation of taper: ±5°
Technical Index
Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal a-Al2O3, natural agate, crystallite glass and ceramic, etc.


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