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Product Information :


Size Dimeter/Length:
   Rods: (3~10)mm?30~180)mm
   Slabs: (3~12)mm?6~24)mm?60~180)mm
Nd Dopant Concentration:0.6~1.2at%
Crystallographic Orientation:<111>within 5
   Multi-layer dielectric (hard) coatReflectivity ofreflection coatings at 1064nm:10~99.
   85%,Reflectivity of anti-reflection coatings
at 1064nm less than 0.2%
Fabrication Flatness :
   ?/10 at 589.3 nm Parallelism of End Faces(Plano/Plano) =10",End Face Perp-endicularity (Plano/Plano) =5'



Nd:YAG crystal is usually used for 1.064um pulse/CW solid lasers:

Parameters of laser:

   Interference Fringes<=0.25/inch

   Etinction Ration>=dB

Paraneter of laser:

   Point sfficiency of long pulse:3.2%(lamp pumped, 20J input),

  Slope efficiencyof long pulse 4.1%


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