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High Contrast Dichroic Sheet Polarizer
Product Information :

High contrast dichroic sheet polarizer is made of dichroic film sandwiched by two glass plates. When a natural beam transmits through the dichroic material, one of the orthogonal polarization component of the beam is strongly absorbed and the other goes out with a weak absorption. So, dichroic sheet polarizer can be used to convert randomly polarized beam into linearly polarized beam. Compared with polarizing prisms, dichroic sheet polarizer offers a much bigger size and acceptable angle, but it can not be used in high power applications.

Working Wavelength 400-700nm
High Extinction Ratio >1000:1
Large Size Available
Acceptable Angle >20Deg
RoHS Compliant


Substrate Material BK7 or B270
Dimension Tolerance +0/-0.2mm
Thickness around 2.5mm
Working Wavelength 400-700nm
Extinction Ratio >1000:1
Single Transmission for Parallel Polarized Beam >70%@632.8nm
Acceptable Angle >20deg
Surface Quality 60/40 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture >90%
Coating No
Damage Threshold >10W/cm2 Continuous Pass, >1W/cm2 Continuous Block

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