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Glan Laser Polarizer
Product Information :

Broadband high power polarizers for visible or near IR wavelengths
Close to Brewster's Angle Cutting
High Polarization Purity
Short Length
Double escape windows for intracavity use
RoHS Compliant

Standard Product Specifications

Material a-BBO, Calcite, YVO4
Wavelength Range a-BBO: 220-3000nm; Calcite: 350-2300nm; YVO4: 500-4000nm
Extinction Ratio <5x10-6
Surface Quality 20/10 scratch and dig
Beam Deviation < 3 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion λ/4@632.8nm
Damage Threshold >5J/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz, @1064nm
Coating Single Layer MgF2@1064nm, Tp>85%@1064nm Typical
Mount Black Anodized Aluminium

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