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Product Information :


broad transparency range from 160nm to 2600nm
high optical homogeneity (dn»10-6/cm) and being free of inclusion;
relatively large effective SHG coefficient
high damage threshold;
wide acceptance angle and small walk-off;


Chemical and Structural properties

Crystal Structure

Orthorhombic, Space group Pna21, Point group mm2

Lattice Parameter

a=8.4473Å, b=7.3788Å , c=5.1395Å , Z=2

Melting Point   

About 834℃

Mohs Hardness   



2.47 g/cm3

Thermal Conductivity  


Thermal Expansion Coefficient

ax=10.8x10-5/K, ay= -8.8x10-5/K, az=3.4x10-5/K


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